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Shadow Pearls – The driving force underlying the campaign.
The Sea Wyvern – the Player’s ship, current staistics, and improvement options.

Organizations – Factions the PC’s can/have allied with
The Olman People
The Scarlet Brotherhood
The Crimson Fleet
The Seventh Coil
The Aventi
The Hidden Fangs

The Isle of Dread – Farshore and other places
Sasserine – City of Origin
Scuttlecove – Base of the infamous Crimson Fleet, among others
Farshore – Sassarine outpost on the Isle of Dread

House Rules and Table Rulings
Action Points
Olman Magic Mechanics
Patron Theme

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(Rick’s info dumps)
Important People of the Isle of Dread
Locke’s Notes
Locke’s Downtime
Locke’s Teleport Points
Unassigned Loot List

(Erica’s info dump)

(Brian’s Stuff)

Secret DM Stuff

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