Farshore is one of several islands just off the coast of the Southern Peninsula. There are seven Olman tribes which also reside in this region. Four of them are on the peninsula itself, while the other three are also on small islands, just off the coast.

Seven Olman Tribes

The Olman are a dark skinned human peoples. The southern seven tribes are named as follows.

Burowao – best at aquatic – Tildat greeter – Chief Malakawani, 6’10", not as fat as the guardian, fairly laid back appearing – The Speakers are a pair of fraternal twins wearing very feathery outfits representing the twins of Xochipilli and Xochiquetzel (The Flower Gods)- Guardian is 7 ft tall, very obese, has black mamba teeth
Dawa – reclusive and very stealthy – Mictlantecuhtli
Kirikuka – Follow Quetzalcoatl – very good with ranged – Chief Atlan wearing regalia similar to what the party wears.
Mora – party has met – excel at hand to hand combat – Xipetotec
Panitube – Tribal Chief is Ashar. Speaker of Chalchihuiticue. The Speaker is a she, and goes by the name Speaker.
Tanaroa – party has met and is in the process of allying to Farshore – Xotxilaha
Usi – most religious – having religious visitations – Xiuhtecuhtli is the deity. Nenetl is the speaker’s name. This deity is a fire deity. He is beilieved to be the oldest of the deities in the pantheon. He embodies the elemental fury of the volcano and the storms around it and is also considered as the fire that warms the hearth and cooks the food. He has the title as the Ancient One, and so also has time as part of his portfolio.

The Jade Ravens and I went to see the Panitube. Our mission was to begin some trade goods exchange, and perhaps start the process of diplomatic endeavors. We met with the Chief, Ashar, and spoke with him. We both agreed to some trade negotiations and left on good terms. I hope we are able to return soon and converse some more. While at this tribe, I noticed that they, and the other Olman I have encounter, use a very strange form of magic. It is not the normal magic I have known, but more a type of manifestation magic. Their eyes glow a bright blue, so bright it almost glows in the dark. It is possible that they have been either tainted or blessed by something in order to gain this manifestation type of magic.

There are 7 tribes. But within these tribes there are also clans. However, the oddity is that the clans are cross tribe. I noticed, however, that the clans seem to be role focused, whereas the tribe is more an affiliation and identity.

Tiger Clan are the Hunters.
Turtle Clan are the Fishermen.
Skalds are the Bards.

I will attempt to discover more as soon as possible.

Within the tribe, there are 3 positions or ranks of note. They are as follows:

Tribal Chief. It seems that some are hereditary and some are ‘earned’.

Tribal Speaker. There is only one Speaker for each Tribe, and it seems as though they are a chosen of the Olman Deity, for each tribe. It is not uncommon for them to dress up as their chosen deity. While each tribe does offer worship to each deity, they choose one which represents their tribe more fully, and which their tribe seems to prefer, and the Speaker takes on the persona and aspect of that deity. When one Speaker passes on, another is almost immediately discovered. Either they discover the power, suddenly appear, or somehow manifest.

Tribal Guardian. The guardian is a very odd type of individual. He wears very little in the way of clothing. They use a ‘body paint’ of some type, not sure what it is yet and I am not entirely certain I want to ask, though the curiosity of it is killing me. However, this body paint covers them and leaves only the image of a skeleton. On the blackness of his body, the skeleton is very visible and a tad macabre. However, that is the least part of him that is disturbing. His eyes are so black, they seem to glow. He is called Zombie Masters by the Farshore colonists. The Panitube guardian walks around with a zombie. Though even this zombie seems different from what I have gathered in my experiences. It is not mindless as one would expect of a zombie. Walks at a normal pace, perhaps even swiftly. If it were not for the decay of the entire body, one would think it were a different type of Guardian. The zombie, however, is a bodyguard to the Guardian. Its eyes are very black, ablaze with a black energy that occasionally runs from there down the limbs.

Both the Speaker and Guardian are held in high regard within the tribe. However, while the Speaker mingles with the people, the Guardian is actively avoided.

After my experience in the cave, I felt the eye of both the Speaker and the Guardian as I remained within the village, until I left. I need to go talk to them about it. It is clear they still remember me from before, so perhaps they are immune to the same effect that plagued my companions after my encounter with the cave. It is certainly worth looking into and as soon as I have time available, I will return to speak with them.

After some consideration, I recalled that the undead we encountered in the ruins in Tamoachan were strangely similar to the zombie which followed the Guardian about. I wonder if by chance that temple is not in fact abandoned, but is being held by the three tribal leaders, who are currently not of the living capacity. If the Guardian is able to create undead, it is possible he would have been able to maintain the Speaker and Tribal Chief as undead, thereby retaining claim to the temple. This would require more investigation and discussion with not only my companions, when they arrive in farshore, but also some diplomatic discussion with the leaders of a friendly Olman tribe.

I was also able to gleen that those Olman who live beyond the great wall are considered degenerates or fallen. I am not certain where this wall is, or what it is, but it is on the main land and I shall have to determine it’s location if we intend to reside here for much longer.

It is told to be a huge wall dozens of feet tall that goes from shore to shore, making a barrier that the creatures of the island cannot pass. It apparently keeps the more terrifying creatures blocked away from the south, making safer for the Olman tribes to reside here. I wonder if any of the Olman were left on the other side when the wall was first erected. Without their tie to the rest of their culture, it is not surprising that these people would consider them degenerates or fallen.

Farshore -

The colony was established just under 5 years ago by Lavinia’s parents and Lord Manthalay. When her parents returned to Sasserine, he remained behind. It has a population of around 250. Once a week, they have their 5 member Expeditionary Council meeting to direct colony affairs. Lord Manthalay is one of the 5, and has been the defacto leader. I am interested to see how this will change now that Lavinia is in town.

The other four members of the current council are:

Militia Captain, Ulvar Kabbanja – He comes across as gruff, not a very good speaker, and to most, seems very unfriendly. I must know if that is the case, and he really is a bear, or if he is just in need of some gentle guidance and friendship.

Vesserin Catherly – He is the resident cleric, and caretaker of Farshore’s chapel. He is short, wirey, and an eminently pleasant fellow. While the chapel has multiple shrines inside, his personal deity is Ehlonna.

Hevrick Aldwattle – He is an eccentric alchemist and naturalist. He is a well dressed man, approaching middle age, though a bit unkempt at the edges, and a little thin. He is also the resident Witchwarden. When I have some time to spend, I will need to talk to him at length about what has been going on, and also let him know that we were sent here, and that Clarissa and (Chad’s character) will also be coming.

Councilor Telda Syren – She is an apothecary, herbalist with a penchant for medicinal applications. Her building also serves as an infirmary. She was a friend of Lavinia’s mother, and when she received the news of her passing, it hit the Councilor hard.

Hevrick appeared surprised at my arrival, and even more so that an additional two witchwardens would be coming. He seemed to not consider it necessary, but he did perk up and start to soften up a little. He had some ideas of things we could investigate while we were here. While we are of the same rank, amongst the witchwardens, his having been here for the past five years does give him insights into things we should look into and we will most certainly take that into heavy consideration when trying to determine our paths.

The large inn/tavern is called The Last Coconut. The proprietor, Malfus Fairwind, occasionally sings or plays to entertain guests, but has welcomed me to sing or dance if I would like to. I am looking forward to that opportunity, perhaps even a duet with him as he plays the lute best.

When not out and about, Tolin spent a lot of time helping with the Militia, while Zan was his usual self, lazying about in the Coconut. Kaskus spends some free time working in Telda’s greenhouse, along with any other aid he can provide her with. Liamae takes a lot of trips out of town and wanders about, which has me somewhat concerned, but after the lightning strike, she seems a little less likely to try to kill herself. Still not entirely careful, but less likely to just want to throw her life away.

The acolyte of Wee Jas, I can never remember his name, moved his shrine into the chapel, and as such, spends a great deal of time there. I will need to check up on Vesserin to ensure his guest is not imposing himself too much.

Lavinia was able to open up her family home on the island, which had been maintained by four family servants over the past four years, and has moved in. I took a room at her home, though may move to the inn after she has fully settled in. She was kind enough to let Churtle stay there as well, in a servant’s room, so he had a room of his own.

All is not gloriously happy, though. It seems that Lavinia and Manthalay do not see eye to eye on almost anything. In fact, I think they only thing they do agree on, barely, is that the sun will rise at some point in the day, and perhaps set. I am not even sure they would agree on that if it were not that the sun was above their heads at the time. At least they argue as nobles, in private.

Telda does not seem to share the same courtesy or political viewpoint. She chooses to argue with Manthelay and Hevrik wherever they may be, vocally, publically, and with much anger. Apparently she has quite a temper and has not learned when is wise to make use of it.

From what I have managed to gather regarding our arrival, the reaction of the townsfolk is mixed. The colony was created by families willing to venture to Farshore with the Vanderborens and Merivanchi’s in order to start anew on this island far from Sasserine. Many had the view that this would provide them with a chance at a bright future. Many of the families were supporters of Lavinia’s parents, and her family name, and are happy to have a scion of that name, back in town. Some, however, consider that it has been four years since her parents left. And in that time, they abandoned them to the hardships that they were forced to deal with only to now show up when the worst of it is over. The remaining are in the middle. Content or pleased that she is here, but uncertain of her motivations or slightly disgruntled at the timing of it.

I was also able to garner that Farshore has been gathering trade goods and supplies for the past four years. When it was first established, it was intended to be a trading post or colony. Its warehouses are full of exotic lumber, preserved spices, and other bulky bounties of the area. All of which would likely net a healthy profit if sold in Sasserine. However, apparently some of those have been going missing. This has been occurring since before our arrival, and regardless of what changes they make in security, it continues to happen. Not only those who have the warehouses, but also those who are responsible for the procurement of the items and their security, are very discontented. The concern that seems to be at the forefront of it all, though, is who is doing this? Several rumblings have mentioned that one or more of the council members were behind it, if not all of them. I have a very bad feeling that if this is not resolved, and quickly, there is likely going to be an outbreak of violence leading to the lynching of several, if not all, of the councilors.

At the Burrowao, we met the Chief. He agreed to help, as long as we played a game. A pair of fraternal twins are the Speakers. They are to throw a festival in which we will participate to determine the amount of aid. The burowao are a very laid back society. They rotate between being lazy or very energetic. They are a ‘surfer’ society. They have a sacred tree called Koa, that is used for a lot of things, including making strange curved boards. The Guardian is called Bulgak, the speakers are Naiyo and Naiya. They are different in that they keep their names. Due to their theology, assigning a position instead of a name is anti theetical. There are a couple local tribesman who are favored to win in different events. There are several tribesmen who are favored to win, Tidat is one of them. Cutie!

The games are going to be a pole climb, a drinking game, a food game, a surf game, eating with Bulgak, a pearl diving game, and a triathalon.

The burowao are sometimes visited by someone who is not of the Burowao who teaches them about the Spirit magic. It is uncertain how often or how long he has been coming to them to teach.

During the first event, the food game, I cheered for the underdog named Touman. Seaweed Jim wins the eating contest after 7 rounds. The speakers do an instrumental and singing performance. They are very good. After speaking with the Guardian, Bulgak, I was offered an opportunity to go on a spirit walk. The following morning I awoke in Bulgak’s chambers.

The second challenge was a pole climb, in which I attempted as well. All participated except William. Mia won the competition. They then proceeded to show us how they do it, with 30 men instead of the 14 in our game.

The next competition was a pearl diving competition. I was careful to make it appear that I needed air, I did not want anyone to notice, so kept surfacing. I was able to win, though, handily.

After a festival of food, we were given the next two competitions. One was a drinking competition, the second was eating whatever it is that Bulgak eats. I chose to eat what Bulgak eats. Gaven, Seaweed and Elyas also chose the eat off. William, Locke, Mahani, and Stieven chose the drinking contest.

In the drinking contest, Mahani stuck it out for a long time, but in the end, Locke won.

In the eating contest, Elyas did not manage to eat the first meal before he threw up. I managed to injest two of the meals, but the third caused some kind of reaction in my stomach. Graven lasted until the fourth, and Seaweed survived until the fifth, but in the end, Bulgak won.

On the following morning, we are awoken and told the race begins almost immediately. We were told to wear as little as possible in order to lighten our load. We were woken up before dawn. Tidat will be participating in this event along with 7 others. The race is a test against ourselves. We just need to make it to the end to be successful.

While Tidat won, Elyas came in second and Locke third. We completed the challenge quite well, better than they expected.

Xabiqi is our escort and guide for the surfing contest. It looks exciting and I look forward to learning about it more.

It was exilirating! Mahani and I did very well. All the men fell in and did not do anywhere near as well, but we were able to stay on our boards and managed to the end without falling. Mahani did a little better than I did, but I still felt like I won having gone so well.

The Chief agreed to send aid to farshore in about a week.

Texcatlipoca is the being that was originally imprisoned by Quetzoquatl. He is the chaotic evil god who was one of the original creation deities, aside from Quetzoquatl. There was originally only darkness until their battle, when Quetzoquatl ripped the sun from Texcatlipoca’s mouth, giving the original first dawn. He is also nicknamed the Suneater.

As we arrived at the village after gaining the artifacts, we were approached by the villagers. In our triangular formation, there is a large bubble that surrounds us as an effect of the artifacts. The villagers were black skinned versus their usual physical description causing us to consider things had progressed far too badly in our absence. The initial rush of villagers were held back briefly by the bubble, though several were able to get through. It appears that the bubble requires some strength of will to overcome, and is overcomeable with some luck.

It appears that the beam cleanses the target, but as the bubble, it has a chance of being resisted. I will attempt to sustain it to see if that gives another chance to be cleansed. We were able to survive the first onslaught, working on moving forward again to try to get to the speaker and mask.

Once the mask was removed from the speaker, and Acalan was disabled, the mask formed into an empowered aspect of Texcatlipoca. It’s abilities are dangerous and with care we can attempt to disable it enough that we can retun it to its tomb.

We were able to disable the aspect and restore everyone back to normal. The false mask was destroyed while the Speaker took the mask of the god in hand so they could re-inturn it.

We gave them the scorpion tail, and they offered to send what aid they could as soon as possible, though could not guarantee that it would occur right away.

Father Balatin is a member of the scarlet brotherhood and came to Farshore to discuss something. He apparently came with a proposition and Lavinia wants our input before making a decision. He wanted to offer assistance from the scarlet brotherhood for the battle against crimson fleet. The decision made was to accept the aid.

“I like shells” is our code for getting past Churtle’s traps in defense of the townspeople who are in the lizardman cave for safety.

We are attacked by 5 ships. The two caravels are: The Seawitch’s Curse and the Hag. The three gallions are: The Cracken, the Stigian Shark, and the Brine Harlot.

We found Urgzid in a cage deep in the cave. He is a troglodyte priest.

We also found an Olman, who is currently under the effects of Feeblemind.

The priest found that the troglodytes were turned from the path but when he tried to return them to the path, he was imprisoned. He said he would be willing to help us and tell us more if we were willing to help him free his people. They added a second head to their statue. Demagorgin has 2 heads. It is likely that the cult here has been demon corrupted. They preach about the sins of health.

They use black poultices which help suppresses the progress of disease.

The Olman is named Jakarta. He is the wandering soul magic trainer. He said he is planning to go to far shore to deliver a message to Vesserin.

Scarlet brotherhood’s ‘speaker’ is Balatin. He behaved well and was quiet, deferential and courtious.

The chief of the Kirikuka wants us to go find the new speaker for his tribe. He is in an ancient citadel that has a building that has survived since the old days. More of a tower than a zigurat. The next speaker is in that area. It is supposed to be the last ancient remnants of the ancient Thanaclan (ancient Olman). 9 archways and 2 pools. 1 of the pools was called truth, the other beauty. They are used to test souls.

When we returned to Farshore, Jakarta starts to teach us more about Olman magic. We each spent a day with him and went into a drug induced trance that gave us a vision of our personality at that moment.

Chakaranka is the dinosaur we are heading to kill. The intent is that we will get the head of the beast and give it to the Usi as a gift. Hopefully we will be able to gain enough favor to talk to them and investigate the issues with the speaker.

We found the speaker who turned out to be the young prince for the noble family. The tribal name is the same as the family name, just a slightly different pronounceation. The family symbols we discovered belonged to 12 noble tribes. We identified 9 out of the 12. 2 of the symbols were forgotten. 1 of the remaining we did not discover was for the Dawa. The young prince’s son’s name is Nexal. He was able to help us figure out what the different symbols were that we were unable to descipher.

The Prince’s name was given to us.

The chief of the Usi is Masauwu.


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