Sasserine is located at the westernmost edge of the Amedio Jungle, nestled in a sheltered harbor. Most travelers come to Sasserine via ship, as overland routes are fraught with peril. From the sea, Sasserine isn’t much to look at; two ragged cliffs of stone jut from the coastline, their faces home to seahawks and gulls but little else. Then a vast rent in the cliff slides into view, its summit crowned by the shattered remnants of an immense stone bridge. Sailing between the slowly eroding stone pylons that once supported the bridge above, a visitor passes from open sea into a thriving harbor of commerce, whaling, and intrigue. Certainly the smell of the city is breathtaking: a tremendous riot of exotic spices, smoke, humanity, and sewage that assaults the senses. Perfumes and scented candles are popular commodities in Sasserine.
Perched at the edge of civilization, Sasserine is (and has always been) often the target of assault from land and sea; the pirates of the Crimson Fleet, the navy of the Scarlet Brotherhood, the froglike bullywugs of the surrounding marshland, and even gangs of ogres and giants from the nearby mountains keep the city on constant alert, yet to date the fiercely proud city has fallen to the enemy only once, and even then only through the act of the city’s most notorious traitor.

Sasserine Statistics:
Settlement Size: 15,000+ (Large City)
Government: Council
Population Alignment: Neutral Good
Purchase Limit: 40,000 Gp Maximum Item Value
Monetary Assets: 31,000,000 Gp
Spellcasting: 8th Level
Traits: Abundant, Academic, City of the Dead, Defensible, Morally Permissive, Prosperous

Sasserine-The Founding
Sasserine-Fall and Subjugation
Sasserine-The Great War and Freedom
Sasserine-Today and the Future

The Seven Districts:
Sasserine is split into seven distinct districts, each with its own personality. These districts are separated by inner walls, by networks of canals or rivers, or simply by age. Friendly competition between the districts is common, especially during festivals, yet the citizens of Sasserine do not hesitate to come to each other’s aid.
Sasserine-Azure District
Sasserine-Champions District
Sasserine-Cudgel District
Sasserine-Merchant District
Sasserine-Sunrise District
Sasserine-Noble District


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