The Aventi

The Aventi are an Aquatic subrace of Humans, found primarily in the Vohoun Ocean. Shoal, a member of this race, was rescued after the Crimson Fleet attack on Farshore. He revealed that their people had been enslaved by the Crimson Fleet, used as cannon fodder, underwater repairs to their vessels, and also revealed the fact that their Prince was kept captive by the pirate leader Cold Captain Wyther to keep the Aventi under the Pirates’ thumb.

Known Aventi to date.
Prince Kallan:Captive of the Crimson Fleet, presumably in or near Scuttlecove.
Shoal:Rescued from the Brine Harlot, he currently resides with the Burowao.

The Aventi historical records have been lost to time and repeated disaster. Their past is nowadays passed down through oral traditions but occasionally an intrepid explorer can stumble over an intact fragment that recounts additional knowledge.

The Ancestors of the Aventi began during the cataclysm of the Rain of Colorless Fire as the Suloise and the Bakluni empires annihilated each other. A coastal settlement blessed by the presence of a devout married couple that venerated Xerbo and Osprem, when disaster struck the prayers of these two were answered. Their lives were taken, but the people of their town were transformed by the two deities and were able to flee deep into the Vohoun Ocean to escape the rain of deadly magic from the skies.

Under the waves, the newly born Aventi built a small kingdom and found their place in the undersea world. They had contact with several of the other undersea races, including the Sea Elves, Merfolk, Tritons, Kopru and Sahuagin. Despite misunderstandings and incursions, the Aventi were able to endure and even prosper. Their tales today speak of Kora’shinar, ‘Land of Pearl Spires’, as a dreamlike paradise.

All dreams must end unfortunately, and Kora’shinar was eventually turned from a dream into a nightmare. This is widely believed to be directly attributed to Hargathoa, a devilish Kraken whose tentacles reached out and grasped the region. Unable to stand against the vile creature and those that followed it, the Aventi kingdom was shattered. The military and the King delayed the inevitable to buy time for as much of the populace to flee, and were lost to the man.

Broken as a people, the Aventi became undersea nomads. Their Prince chose to honor the sacrifice of the King and declared that until the Aventi had found a new land, he would not truly be a King. His descendents have continued this policy to this day.

Misfortune continued to follow the Aventi however, as in relatively recent times they encountered the Crimson Fleet. Capturing their Prince, the majority of the rest were rounded up and enslaved. Pressed into service on the ships of the Crimson Fleet, abused and mistreated, with horrible punishments levied on the families of those who escaped, the Aventi are now an oppressed people and but a shadow of their former selves.

The Aventi

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