The Scarlet Brotherhood

A four-pointed wavy-armed black cross on a field of red.

Background, Goals, and Dreams:
The Scarlet Brotherh ood is a society
of fighting monks, rogues, and
assassins dedicated to rebuilding the
Ancient Sud Empire on the backs of
their racial and cultural inferiors.
The Brotherhood traces its history
moreĀ· than a thousand years, when the great human
Suloise Empire stood at the zenith of five millegnia
of cultural OIl omplishment. The society survived the
empire’s conflagration in the devastating Rain of Cotorl
ess Fire, migrating east across the ccottnent OIInd setlling
in the forbidding Tilvanot Peninsula, Since th at
disaster. the Brotherhood has schemed in secret to preserve
the culture and wa}’oflife of the Suel Irnper ium.
In a recent continental war the Brotherhood struck
from the shadows to conquer several maritime nations,
including the Sea Princes who once held Sasserine. A-.,
OIl result Brotherhood ag nts are tolerated-barely-in
the cit y, where they focus o n issues of trade and exploration
and c.bjm interest in working witb-c-ratber than
against-the citizens.

Enemies and Allies: Membersofthe Scarlet Brotherhood
present themsebes to the ou tside world as contempbtive
advisers and martial artists. ‘The organizations monopoly
ofOerik’s southeastern seas gives them considerable economic
influence, and the-ir colonial outposts reach . far
as the southwest shores of Hepmonaland and deep into
the Voooun Ocean. Outside their expanding empire their
members are considered spies and mus t live in hidffig.

Members: With almost no exceptions. members must be
hp.mws or Suel mnct:ion. The Brotherhood occasionally
d~ mmt~of otherraCOI into acting as tbetecatspaws,
blrt.seldomallows those of unpun lineage to join the otg:Inization.
Members may worship only Sud. deities such as
Kord and \\’foeJ<lS

The Scarlet Brotherhood

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